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Hire A Professional Photographer: Your Clients Will Thank You

Trust me, I completely understand the appeal to DIY. After all, I'm the guy who tried to design and build his own robot vacuum cleaner instead of just buying one. I took on a role normally filled by, at minimum, dozens of skilled engineers and product developers, put in weeks of valuable time (to an engineer probably worth thousands of dollars...) only to end up with a fan screwed to a box and a very dirty floor...

The point is we can't be specialists in everything, and while it might be a fun learning experience, trying to do something outside your area of expertise without first acquiring years of experience can waste your time and leave you with a subpar product at the end. Case in point: real estate photography.


Cell phone cameras are amazing these days, no question. The detail and resolution of some phone cameras rivals even some blockbuster movie standards, so why should you pay someone else to take photos of your listing property when you've got this incredible piece of machinery in your pocket? Well, setting aside the obvious answer of "you don't have to do it yourself," there is more to photography than having a decent camera.

Angles: Professional real estate photographers know how to highlight the best in a room, from placing the camera in the right spot to emphasize the scale of a room, to knowing exactly the right height to shoot from to produce a natural view of the house's exterior. Vaulted ceilings, inset nooks, stairways, unique architecture, all these things are elements of a property you want buyers to know about, and a professional real estate photographer knows how to make these elements stand out in an image.