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Making Your Home Camera-Ready

It pays to be prepared, and real estate photography shoots are no exception. Here are Au Courant's tips for getting your property ready for the camera:

#1 Clean

This one's obvious enough. You want to show off the beauty of the home, and it's hard to see through the pile of dirty laundry. So if the home is still lived-in, be sure to do a nice deep-clean in every room of the house. This is going to help the photographer out in a big way, since they'll be able to focus on capturing the perfect shot, without having to stop to move items from one room to another or wipe off a dirty mirror. Keep in mind that some photographers will charge a cleaning fee if they have to stop too many times due to a messy home. The garage is a great place to store items temporarily during the shoot, since photographers rarely go in there. Also remember to sweep off any outdoor patios or pool decks you might be showcasing just before the shoot, since leaves will keep falling onto the ground!


#2 Open Up The Space

Rooms look better when furniture and decor is placed with intention. If pieces of furniture don't match or the spacing between them seems tight, it can make for a less-than-attractive photo. Make sure the furniture allows a comfortable walking path through any space, and a minimum of about half as much between pieces. The garage is, as always, a great place to store unwanted items during the shoot. Be sure to straighten up furniture and appliances so they don't sit at odd angles. This can be super important in kitchens, as appliances that don't sit flush to the wall look odd on camera, and they stand out in the bad kind of way. Small furniture and appliances can always be tweaked by your photographer, but make sure you love the layout of your large furniture before the day of the shoot!